Illustrations for clients as well as my own projects.

by Petra Lundin
Illustrations for a catalogue and app for Primary school's February break activities.
By Manifesto. Client: Malmö stad, Fritidsförvaltningen. 
Illustrations for a book from Indtitute for Research Stockholm School of Economics. 
Illustration for a book from Score, Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research. 
The book is an anthology, a festschrift, to Professor and Research Director Rune Premfors.
Illustrations for Unik Form, a yearly crafts market in Scania, Sweden. The shapes represent 
the major materials appearing at the market; ceramics, textiles and metal / jewellery.
Illustrations with paper collage, for a book about how to make your own paper. The background papers 
are hand made by me, the figures are cut outs from magazines. My own project.
These illustrations were made as a small »flicker movie« for a friend's book from researchers and professors 
at Stockholm School of Economics to Åke Danielsson, who is portrayed in the illustrations.
Illustration, my own project. Made in Illustrator.
Illustration, my own project. Made with crayons and pencil.
Illustration with inspiration of the Cornelis Wreesvijk song, Deidres Samba. 
Made with gouache. My own project.
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