Logo design and visual identities

Logo design and visual identity for clients; Svenska Designpriset, Mindpark, Unik Form, Behrang Miri, Ersta Sköndal University College and POFF.

Logotypes and visual identitiesby Petra Lundin, Manifesto  
Utvalt. [Selected.] Logotype and visual identity for a jury selected exhibition in crafts and design. 
Svenska Designpriset [The Swedish Design Award], logotype and visual identity
including a medal, for a design competition in graphic design. 
Logotype for the greatest smallest Design Museum in the world – Branding by Design Center. 
Hosted by Manifesto. Vill be opened during spring 2013 in Helsingborg, Sweden. 
Mindpark, logotype and visual identity for a development company owned by several daily newspapers.
Unik form, logotype and visual identity for a yearly crafts market in Scania.
Logotype design for Axel Ebbes Art gallery, Trelleborg Museums. The museum buildings are
spread out in the city, so the logotypes got their own unique building as recognisable form.
Logotype for Tranes Handelskompagni, a shop for buildings care, in Gislöv. The letters represent different
old sign letters, in different materials such as oak wood, rust iron, green copper and painted wood.
Ersta Sköndal University College, logotype and visual identity, including sign program.
POFF, logotype and visual identity for post graduate education for artists.
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